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Welcome to Traversing Life!

I am not a digital nomad (yet), i don’t work remotely and I have a 9-5 job. Still, I love to travel, meeting new people, hearing stories from travelers and telling my own.

I was born and raised in Colombia. I grew up with a traveler mother so I always wanted to get out and explore the world! I started travelling at a young age but until now I fully realized that its time to go everywhere, get to know many cultures and people, see that the world is amazing and that there is time to explore it all.

My main traveling mechanism has been studying. I’ve lived in Tours, France (studying french), Bogota (my city), Lyon (exchange year), Brighton (Master) then Cairo (exploring life, a.k.a love).

I moved to Cairo for diverse life reasons, one of them love …  It was a big change, I learned and grew a lot, Egypt posts will we randomly published, mixed with my current travel wishlist.

I love writing and telling my stories, my posts are mostly personal experiences, itineraries and tips.


Thanks for stopping by!


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