Become addicted to the chaos…

How to survive in Cairo…

Step 1: Become addicted to the chaos of Cairo

I have to admit I have become addicted to the chaos, a normal, relaxed day is missing something…  Its missing uncertainty and improvisation. That is the power of Cairo, it forces you to change wether you like it or not, it teaches you to let go (although it has been hard). The chaos has two sides and it brings with it amazing experiences that would never happen if you don’t embrace it as part of your life.

Man riding a bike with crate of bread on his head

Step 2: Find pockets of happiness

Cairo has a special bipolarity about it , chaos vs peace, extreme stress vs extreme happiness. Sitting in front of the Nile, looking at the boats and feeling the winter sun=extreme happines. No noise, no honks, no chaos, just magic. These moments balance out the stress and fill you day with unique memories.

Nile River by day

Step 3: walk aimlessly, merge with the inexplicable

Exploring new places, not really knowing where you are going, not having plans is all part of adapting and accepting Cairo. Become one of the people that are in a rush but also one of the people that have no aim, have plans and then let them go, change your mind… why try to understand something inexplicable, something in constant change?

Cairo Cafe

Step 4: Get out of Cairo

There are so many places to explore, leaving Cairo is a way recover your energy, absorb the wisdom of the desert and come back to see things with new eyes. And at the end you understand that if you want the magic of Egypt you need to live the chaos of Cairo

Fayoum Camel Race

Huts on the beach in Egypt

Step 5: Have a support system (very cool friends)

Cairo becomes the common enemy that unites people. Here you NEED to laugh, relax and chill at the end of the day even if it’s for a few minutes, or all the way across the city…  I am very happy I have met amazing people and this will definitely be a time in my life I will never forget.

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