Dare to say goodbye

Basically everyone I know has had to say goodbye to someone in the past year. Goodbyes to friends, partners, family. Goodbyes are an inevitable part of the way of life us “millennials” chose (I don’t know if I am considered millennial but I will include myself for the purpose of this article). This lifestyle of ours is about travelling constantly, studying abroad, freelancing etc. We don’t want to stay in the same place for long, a year seems an eternity, long term commitment scare us, one year contracts of any kind (even cellphones) are a hassle.. we want to get out of our comfort zones all the time, explore what’s out there, new cultures, new friends and also reunite with old ones.

Friends around campfire

So that brings me to goodbyes, in the past 2 years I have said goodbye to too many friends. Sometimes they left and sometimes I left. It was sad every time. But there has to be something good about all these goodbyes…

Saying goodbye means you created memories, that you have new friends, that you connected to a new person you would have never met, you learned something new, you see your own world through different eyes. When you say goodbye you value friendships more, in a weird kind of way. You know that you have to take the best of the new people that pass through your life. And after a while you learn to recognize true friendship very fast… Creating memories in a few hours becomes priceless, happy moments become more common (followed by said goodbyes of course).


Friends walking awayBecause of many goodbyes, I am now more adventurous, (im)patient, joyful and relaxed person, I am a better listener and a better friend. It was a sad price to pay, but without these goodbyes I wouldn’t see the world as I see it now. Thank you, to all my recent (and not so recent) goodbyes, I now have amazing memories with you all and you will never be forgotten.

The wandering paths we have chosen assure that we will meet again. This will bring along more goodbyes but also more life lessons and opportunities. So I guess my conclusion is:

Dare to say goodbye!!

Lagoon of Neusa


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Ps: Thanks to my friend Pete (IG: peachananr for the pics 🙂

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