I am very amazed by the desert, specially coming from a very green and tropical country. I still can’t believe how things grow in the desert… I am amazed by nature and how it has adapted to grow in this environment.

When I see the desert outside my window I think of ‘nothingness’… just endless sand … but then I realize that the desert has everything… but it’s hidden. It has many surprises that I haven’t discovered yet.

By now I am getting used to the desert but there are still a lot of things that surprise me. When I drive around (as co-pilot) the desert seems to merge with the city, there is no clear division, the desert is invading the city, or probably it’s the other way around, the city is invading the desert…  everything seems to be desert color, even the trees and plants have a desert filter! it’s a constant battle between humans and the desert, in my opinion the desert is winning (everything I own is now filled with sand somehow hahah).

A few weeks ago I went to Fayoum, an oasis near Cairo it was extremely hot so it was a little bit of a failure because by day we were burning in the sun, but I still got to experience a bit of the desert magic. Millions of years ago Fayoum was an ocean so today you can see whale bones all over, I was expecting to see excavated bones but it is not like that, the bones are fossilized and covered in rock, but all over you can see them in the shape of whales and dolphins. Very cool! In that moment I got the feeling of ‘nothingness’ and everythin-ness at the same time…


Fayoum OasisFayoum Oasis

Fayoum Oasis

This past weekend I was planting in the desert. Another cool surprise. It was a great experience. I don’t know if the plants will survive but digging in sand and putting little plants in a land that has NO water puts everything into perspective.






We will see if I can win against the desert 😉


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