Eid and Nuweiba

Eid is one of the most important holidays for Muslims worldwide. It’s a feast of sacrifice where people kill and eat all the cows, sheep, goats, baby goats they can find. The story dates back to Abraham. When his people were hungry God told him: “sacrifice your son to feed your people” and Abraham was like “ok, I will sacrifice him for you” and then God was like “Joking! I will give you a sheep to feed your people”.  So now people kill, eat and share every animal they find and have a great feast. On the days before Eid I saw groups of sheep walking around the city waiting to be sold.

Everybody says that in Cairo blood flows on all the streets during 3 days. Fortunately, I wasn’t in Cairo. Although before leaving for vacation I saw a cow on a truck in the middle of the city, which was funny because it was the city center, thousands of people passing by, cars, pollution;  not the place for a live cow on a truck. Three hours later I passed again and the cow was already dead, the head had been cut off and was on the sidewalk next to the body and a butcher was cutting the cow in pieces to sell or give away, I’m not sure. The blood was spreading on the street as people walked by. This all happened in the middle of a huge intersection where thousands of people pass each day. I was a little surprised I can’t lie; dead cows on busy streets are not something I see every day.

Undercover picture before the events

The next day I traveled to an amazing place in Egypt: Nuweiba. It’s on Sinai on the side that faces Saudi Arabia; you can see the mountains on the other side. It’s a very peaceful place, the sea is calm and shallow, and you stay in little huts and get your food from a main hut.  It’s the most relaxing place ever.


Clouds on sunset in the beach in Egypt

Twilight on the beach in Egypt


Swimming, hanging out, relaxing and listening to good music… The total opposite of Cairo.

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