Naira-1 Cairo-0 (for now)

First Day out in Cairo… I wanted to take metro right away but as soon as I got on the streets I had a slight panic and took the first taxi I saw. The adress was written on a paper and he stopped like 3 times to ‘ask’ for directions… probably he wanted to make the ride longer but it was fun in its own way. He kept speaking to me in arabic and I just kept nodding and smiling…

Step 2: getting a sim card, this was surprisingly easy… no problem, got my number and my simcard

Step 3: get back home by metro (the taxi was way to expensive). I walked like 15 minutes to the station, I had internet and google maps so no problem. Metros work pretty much the same everywhere, except here I don’t understand any letter hahah but I managed to take the right direction and get home with only a few moments of getting lost.

Metro station in Cairo

Conclusion: It was a great first day… Much better than I expected. The heat is not so bad although I feel I am gonna dehydrate any minute. We will see how the next few days go.

Tall building in Nile River


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