Oud and Old Cairo charm

I haven’t written in a while. The infamous Cairo pace has infected me. Time passes slow and fast at the same time. And all of a sudden few weeks have passed and you don’t even notice. I have been here for more than a month and I have to say it has been very hard. I haven’t adapted as fast as I wanted too. I can communicate, get around, take the metro, take taxis, go to the supermarket… But I haven’t felt the connection with the city.

I have heard from many people, especially foreigners that Cairo is so magical that they can oversee the chaos and harshness of everyday life. Until very recently I have started to see that.

To me, this charm is not obvious in the everyday life. Life is stressful, annoying, loud, hot, dusty, intense, accelerated… but that is why you have to take advantage of your free time in the best way possible and turn the intensity into an adventure. The charm of Cairo is in the moments you share with your friends in the relaxing times at night when you go to a café and smoke a shisha, when a day starts out normal and then you end up in unexpected places.

Last week I went to old Cairo for an Oud concert. It was amazing, one of the most special things I have seen recently. The sound is so pure that you completely forget about your problems. The world becomes just about the music. Old Cairo has a very special energy, I have been there before, almost 3 years ago, and I still remembered the way I felt then. Its a very interesting place…

I don’t have videos from that day because my phone drowned in a bucket of mop water but I recovered this audio:



And this youtube video about Cairo’s oud school if you want to see more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PK28P4Iv7U

And listen to to this too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90DjbmTh1Q4



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