Shams, Ba7r we Ramla

As soon as I landed in Cairo I could feel the difference. Definetely not the UK, but in a good way. As soon as I got here I went with some friends to Ain el Sokhna. Great beaches, great weather, amazing welcome to Egypt.

This is my third time in Egypt so some things don’t shock me as much as the first time like the noisy streets, the terrible traffic (buses stoping in the middle of a bridge to pick up a passenger that has been running behind for 30 seconds), the lack of women on the streets… but I still feel like I am in a different world … I feel like I am a viewer of my own life and this is all a movie…

First shocking fact: I read a news that two singers was sentenced to prison for a ‘provocative’ video. Although I couldn’t confirm the news in other outlets, its still evidences what are the ‘provocative’ standars.




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