There should be a love visa

Love: it can be travelers hell. You’re traveling, you meet someone, they’re from a far away country, with apparently nothing in common, but you hit it off and before you know it you’re quitting your job and moving to Egypt to teach english because *love* (true story). When you get there you realize that if you wanna stay a considerable amount of time you need a visa. Specially if you want to stay more than 6 months. So, your options are: a)getting a job that sponsors your visa (very hard to do) b)being a student or c) getting a ‘partner’ visa ( which if you have just met the person, is not a wise thing to do) d) love visa. 

Governments should have a love visa! If you can prove that you flew over more than 3 countries to be with your loved one, quit a job, left your pet, are making weird excuses to stay (“this is also part of my personal growth) you should be eligible for a love visa, a one year visa where you can work part time.

How many people have to stop their love because of visas? My Australian friend Sarah is in love with my Colombian friend Andres, she’s been in Colombia for a year and a half, being a student and extending her visa. Now she had to leave because she can’t find a job here and he can’t go to Australia because of the strict visa regulations. A partner visa will take 2 years to process and they won’t be able to be together in Australia during that time. What? That’s insane!! What are they gonna do? Why is bringing the world together not encouraged by governments?

The world needs love, it needs people from different cultures breaking barriers and proving that you can get along with anyone from any culture. My boyfriend is Egyptian and the shocked reaction I get a lot is : “are you sure? isn’t that culture oppressive to woman?!” It turns out no, he didn’t force me to wear a veil or hid me in the house, he’s a person who likes to listen to Pink Floyd, go to concerts, watch youtube and dance salsa, just like me.

What the world needs is love breaking these stereotypes, people meeting each other and showing that not all Egyptians are woman oppressors, not all Colombians are drug dealers, not all northern europeans are cold, not all latin women are loud and dramatic, etc etc.

What better way to make the world a closer, more respectful place than love? When we travel we realize that people from all over the world have the same dreams, goals, tastes in music, sense of humor and willingness to be happy and to contribute to the world’s happiness.

That’s why there should be a love visa! The world needs it and we travelers need it! We are spreading this love all over.

Governments of the world: let us stay together!


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  1. Zedric Ramada

    This article is lovely. Though strict visa procedures are being implemented for public safety, I think that providing certain considerations such as the “Love Visa” should be reinforce.

    Thank you for this eye-opening article!

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      Yeah sometimes visas are for safety bus a lot of times they just involve too much unnecessary hassle, love should definitely be a criteria 🙂

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