Walking in Cairo

Downtown Cairo Street

Here are some tips for walking around Cairo, it should be a certified skill…

  • walk in the middle of the street, be as annoying as you can to cars, they are parked on the sidewalk anyway so the street is yours too
  • do not be afraid of cars, cars generally stop or just honk at you and yell something in Arabic
  • there are no stoplights, so you just cross whenever you feel like it, whether cars come or not, there will always be somebody you can secretly tag along with
  • the streets are 75% -80% men, don’t be intimidated, get used to it
  • always have a mad face, that helps you walk very fast and cross the streets

Downtown Cairo Street

  • the noise never stops, embrace it
  • people sell literally everything on the streets, so you can go shopping anywhere
  • do not make long eye contact with people, I haven’t done it and don’t know what would happen but I have a feeling it’s not good.
  • Its hot (for now) you will sweat like never before, embrace it, everybody is suffering too
  • Beware of the huge pieces of meat hanging outside the butcher shops, you can suddenly run into them
  • Look around and enjoy the city (when you are not fighting for your life between cars and street vendors)
  • After a while you will have the ability to jump over holes, dodge cars, cross a double intersection in one move, so keep practicing!



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